Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Forced Appreciation: A Booming Trend in Real Estate!

Forced Appreciation is buying something that’s not a good investment and turning it out into a good investment. Real estate investors can also use the force to make their investment worth their decision. Especially, the investors who own commercial properties that are value-based are prone to forced appreciation.
Assume that you can manage to get your rental to generate a little more income; this income divided by the capitalization rate will be the value your property will appraise for. So, you can force the value up by surging your income stream, and this is nothing but forced appreciation.
Forced Appreciation needs Foresight
  • The investors can’t just blindly get into forced appreciation, as it requires a foresight while buying any real estate deals, so that they can plan for the value creation. Firstly, the investor will have to see the value potential the property might have. Many times, the real key for being an ideal real estate value investor is seeing the value or opportunities that are missed by others.
  • The investors will have to analyse a few things like, are there any things that you can add to the property in order to increase the rent? Is the property capable of serving the tenants to its best? Is there any chance of redesigning the space so that it generates more revenue? Are there any services or amenities that can add more value to the property?

Make Your Strategy Work
  • Once you know how to create value to the property, you need to create a well thought out plan that lays out the vision of your value creation. The essence of your plan should spell out pointedly, how you are going to add value to your property and generate more revenue. This can help you in executing the plan; it can also help you in raising the debt and equity funds.
  • You can then sell your plan to the potential stakeholders. If you have found a solid deal having lots of value creation opportunities, it will be easy for you to get buy-in from potential partners. But finally, the ability to see the value in a deal and the ability to communicate it is the most critical thing, where you have to bring out your entrepreneurial spirit.
If you just look at it, the forced appreciation strategy looks really simple. But what’s hard to see is the hassle accompanied with the property. But a little hard work, unique strategies and marketing intelligence can turn out an average investment to a great one.

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